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The Crisis in World Trotskyism: Perspectives from the Strugggle for a Revolutionary Socialist Feminist Party

The Crisis of World Trotskyism

A revolutionary feminist perspective on the sorry state of the once-great Fourth International -- and prospects for Trotskyist renewal. $7.00

A Revolutionary Call for Black Reparations

A Revolutionary Call for Black Reparations

Provides a vision for achieving just recompense for slavery and ongoing systemic racism. $5.50

Permanent Revolution

Permanent Revolution & Results and Prospects

Trotsky's classic work on workers' power, internationalism, social transformation and the transition to socialism. Includes new introduction, index, and glossary. $18.00

Radical Women Manifesto

The Radical Women Manifesto

Complete guide to a multiracial, queer and straight, socialist feminist organization founded in 1967 and still subversive as ever. $8.00

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