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Voices of Color
Reports from the Front Lines of Resistance by Radicals of Color
by Yolanda Alaniz and Nellie Wong.

Reader Comments

Each article provides a measure of historical insight, analysis, and motivation that critically questions the multitude of issues affecting us all in a racist, for-profit society.
Carla Trujillo, editor of Chicana Lesbians: The Girls Our Mothers Warned Us About and Living Chicana Theory

Stimulates the kind of thought and discussion which form the basis for commitment and action. A good tool for study groups and discussion groups.
Hattie Gossett, educator, jazz performance poet, author of Presenting Sister No Blues

Voices of Color writers give ample responses to teach that Truth and History will pave the way to liberation and justice.
Yuri Kochiyama, human rights activist

This book is a good read. It has voices we seldom hear. My people, write on!
Blackberri, black gay singer/songwriter/activist

I urge everyone to read it—each article is a pearl of historical information. We need to be continually reminded that the war to overcome racism, sexism, classism has not disappeared. Protection from predation for all is our common struggle. Our elders tell us that women can and must save the world. This book will be a useful text for recruiting women of all colors.
Janet McCloud, Sapa Dawn Center, pioneering activist for Native women and fishing rights, Tulalip Tribe

This anthology by radical writers is refreshing to read in an era that denies exploitation. Highly recommended to the Chicano and Latino audience. Our voice is loud and clear.
Rodolfo F. Acuņa, Professor of Chicana/o Studies, California State University at Northridge