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They Refused to Name Names
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They Refused to Name Names
The Freeway Hall Case Victory

The record of an inspiring story of a notable fight for justice and a model for defeating harassment lawsuits.

$4.00, 48 page booklet, ISBN 0-932323-02-2

Here's what case supporters say:

"Our 25,000 members cherish their rights to freedom of association, free speech and privacy, so we support the strong stand taken by the Freedom Socialist Party in Snedigar v. Hoddersen." VITO J. PITTA, New York Hotel-Motel Trades Council

"Our words and labor have meaning when they provoke us to act. How sweet the FSP's victory is for First Amendment rights." NELLIE WONG, poet, feminist, San Francisco Labor Council delegate

"By remaining firm in your adherence to the First Amendment, the FSP not only vindicated its own rights, but the rights of others." ED COPELAND, former counsel, Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, New York City

"The struggle for human dignity is only lost when you give up. The FSP didn't give up." PERRY WATKINS, Sgt. First Class (Ret.), Tacoma, Washington, first person to beat the U.S. Army ban on gays and lesbians

"Labor unions and other alliances of working people are indebted to the Freedom Socialist Party for its perseverance in a costly and protracted battle for precious rights." GENE KLARE, Northwest Labor Press, Portland, Oregon