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Revolutionary Integration: Marxist Analysis of Black Liberation
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Revolutionary Integration: A Marxist Analysis of African American liberation

by Richard Fraser and Tom Boot

A groundbreaking Marxist study of the civil rights and Black Power movements, the nature of racism, and the impact of African American radicals, feminists, and lesbians and gays. Critiques the nationalist assumptions of the Socialist Workers Party and other Left groups, and puts forward the Freedom Socialist Party's landmark analysis of racism as a distinct form of oppression that is intrinsic to capitalism.

The book's first section was written by socialist theoretician Richard Fraser amid the explosions of the 1960s. It offers a vivid, contemporary view of the Black movement as it took on the full fury of the segregated Southern police state. The second half of the book was written in 1982 by African American radical Tom Boot. Boot reviews the Left's record on the question of Black liberation. He evaluates the state of the Black movement in the 1980s, including discussions on the emergence of African American feminists and Black lesbians and gays.

$17.95, 224 pages, photos, index notes

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