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Woman Sitting at the Machine, Thinking
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Woman Sitting at the Machine, Thinking

Poems by Karen Brodine
Preface by Meridel LeSueur
Introduction by Merle Woo

Karen Brodine's award-winning feminist poetry explores themes of work, activism, sexual identity, family, language, and the author's fight against breast cancer.

Published in 1990, Woman Sitting at the Machine, Thinking is the posthumously published, fourth collection of poems by a breakthrough writer on feminist, lesbian and workingclass themes. Brodine's work is widely published in anthologies. This collection includes a bibliography of Brodine's writing, a preface by the renowned feminist and radical poet Meridel LeSueur, and an introduction by Asian American lesbian poet Merle Woo.

$8.95 120 pages 0-932323-01-4

About Karen Brodine

Selected poems
Excerpt from the title poem "Woman Sitting at the Machine, Thinking"
"TheYear I was Harriet"
"They Outlawed Touch"
"May 1986," excerpt from "By Fire or By Water"
"Drawing the Line"


"Unusually diverse, ranging from political manifesto to dream-lyric, from prose narrative to song...punctuated by moments of sheer verbal talent" -- Annie Finch, San Francisco Examiner

"Insists that to think in a deadening workforce is an act of resistance. Burningly honest poems" -- Adrienne Rich, Ms. Magazine

"A posthumous gem from one of America's finest avant garde/political poets" -- Steve Abbott, Poetry Flash

Review essay by Mitsuye Yamada

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